Julie SigtunaEdit

Before Becoming Julie's Duo they both got along great eating lunch together and training together that some students thought they were dating at first glance. When Tooru was about to Duo up with his friend he learned that Julie didn't have a Duo and he partnered up with her instead. After Becoming a Duo instead of the bond falling because they sleep in the same room instead the bond grows stronger that Julie doesn't mind walking around with only a white shirt on. There relationship is so great that when fighting they can tell what the other wants to do without talking as shown when they were fighting against Lilith, it is also shown that Tooru cares a great deal for Julie as to when she was shot he raged that Julie had to calm him down.

Lilith BristolEdit

Tooru's and Lilith's relationship was bad at first when Tooru rejected to break his Duo with Julie and team up with Lilith but as the story progressed Tooru started to trust her more, what's more there both rare types which makes them get along more. At the beginning Tooru hated Lilith for shooting his friends but later when he learned of her past he wanted to help her and because of this Lilith falls in love with Tooru and wants to marry him and she even calls him darling all the time which makes the other girls mad

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