Tooru KokonoeEdit

- Miyabi's only male friend. According to her, he is very easy to talk to and very supporting. She fell in love with Tooru because of his kindness and the support he provided her with. When she confessed to him, she misunderstood Tooru's reaction (he simply had a flashback to when his sister died, thus having an image of it being Miyabi dying. He said that he was too weak and feared that he wouldn't be able to save her).

412px-Absolute Duo Volume 1 Non-Colour 5

Tomoe Tachibana Edit

- She is Miyabi's precious <duo>. Tomoe always supports her and helps her to be strong, she always saves Miyabi (with Tooru) in times Miyabi is in danger. When Tomoe see the mental damage of her cause of sudden attack on the island, she did everything to comfort her. She even want Tooru and Miyabi to be together ( it is later revealed that part of her didn't want that).

391px-Absolute Duo Volume 2 Non-Colour 8

≪Equipment Smith≫ Edit

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