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Kevin Wayfair
Kanji ケヴィン=ウェイフェア
Romaji Kevin Weifea
Gender Male
Nicknames K
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Ryan Wayfair (deceased)
Affiliations ≪Equipment Smith≫
Status Alive (Anime)

Deceased (Light novel)

Media Debut
Light Novel Light novel Volume 3
Anime Episode 6
Japanese Voice Takahiro Sakurai
English Voice Zach Bolton

Kevin Wayfair also known as K is one of the antagonist of the Absolute Duo series.


K possesses short, spiky blond hair and sharp blue eyes, as well has a medium built body figure. He is also seen wearing a ≪Unit≫ costume at all times.


K has a casual personality, he tends to keep calm and confident most of the time, especially when confronting any enemies in his mission. Despite his calm persona however resides his sadistic, vicious and conniving behavior as he willing to do whatever it takes to earn his victory, even resorting to injure one of his rivals for his advantages. He also tends to play mind games with his enemies in order to weaken their resolves in a battle against him. As a power hungry person he is, K despises friendship as he believed them as weak, especially one's inability to protect another from danger.


Little is known about K, but he works for the ≪Equipment Smith≫ and was adopted by him. He had an elder brother who once protected him, but died in front of him. Because of this, K became more 'power-hungry.


  • Tooru and K shares a similarities with each other as both lost their respective siblings in the past prior to the series and desire to seek power.
  • However, the major difference between the two is that while K despises friendship and being power-hungry, Tooru is a kind hearted-guy who protect his friends and cherish friendship.



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